DeLallo Bruschetta Crisps, Olive Oil & Sea Salt

Toasted Italian bread. Since 1950. Made with extra virgin olive oil. Bruschetta Crisps show you the way to a delicious friend-gathering appetizer or any-time snack of tasted Italian bread with a limitless combination of herbs, vegetables, meats & cheeses. Our Bruschetta Crisps are made to complement anything you might be craving. In its simplest form, the humble Italian tradition of bruschetta (bru-SKET-ah) is celebrated as slices of rustic bread toasted over an open flame, then rubbed with fresh garlic, olive oil and salt. With modest roots, bruschetta transcends its simple appeal for an infinite combination of toppings - from fresh, seasonal ingredients to savory meats and cheeses. Top with your favorite flavors to create an artful antipasto, or fill your plate and enjoy as its own meal.